BJJ Advice: Always Attack From An Angle – Never From The Front

BJJ Advice: Always Attack From An Angle – Never From The Front

Concepts are just as important as techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… Or maybe even more important – because they can be utilized across a wide variety of moves.

For example, a really important concept is to get used to attacking from an angle. Why?
Coach John Danaher explains:

It’s hard to make frontal assaults in this game. All your opponents best defenses are directly in front of him. Seek always to get a preliminary angle – it doesn’t have to be a big angle – even small angular change makes a noticeable difference.

Angle will often shorten the distance to a target, get you outside their main defenses, or force them to adjust their position in ways that let you catch them on the hop before their stance is reset.

In other words, if you want to become successful in BJJ (especially when it comes to takedowns), you should prioritize creating an angle first. And only after the angle is created should you go for an attack:

Don’t just step in. Step out to an angle first and THEN step in.
Make this a habit and you’ll be much more successful at much less cost.


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