BJJ Advice: Above All, Learn To Be Patient

BJJ Advice: Above All, Learn To Be Patient

Sure, you can know how to execute a technique nearly perfectly, but if you don’t get the timing right – you’re probably going to fail it.
And what’s one of the most common causes of faulty timing? Yup, it’s the lack of patience.

Brian Glick explains why this is the case:

Even the most perfect technique needs proper context, placement and timing.
The person who is impatient may know WHAT to do, but they aren’t able to wait for the right opportunity. As a result their efforts are ineffective even though their technique is sharp.

When you’re never desperate, never in a hurry, you have time to spare.
That time becomes a cushion, something extra that eases the stress and creates opportunities.

So what’s the main difference between a patient and the impatient person? It’s the mindset they adopt:

An impatient person is always stressed about overdrawing their resources, like someone who’s bank account is perpetually close to zero. The deficit leads to fear and bad decisions.

On the other hand, a patient person keeps their perspective and can see in three dimensions.
They may not be able to predict the future, but their ability to choose the right moment creates confidence, strong decisions and a deeper field of vision.


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