Andre Galvao Shows How To Ezekiel Choke From Closed Guard

Andre Galvao Shows How To Ezekiel Choke From Closed Guard

The Ezekiel choke is an advanced submission that requires proper technique and awareness to use safely. But applied correctly from the top closed guard, it can be an effective submission to have in your arsenal.

Yes, the Ezekiel Choke from Closed Guard isn’t exactly a high-percentage submission…
But you should still learn how to do it!

Here are the basic steps to set up the Ezekiel choke from the top closed guard position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu:

First, make sure you have a strong base and posture. Keep your elbows tight to your sides and hands clasped together. This will make it harder for your opponent to sweep you.

Next, place your clasped hands under the chin of your opponent. You want your forearms to be parallel to their neck, with your palms facing up and thumbs touching their chin.

Now squeeze your forearms together to start applying pressure on the sides of their neck. This will cut off the blood flow to the brain and make them tap out if done correctly.

As you squeeze, drive your hips forward to cut off their airway and apply more pressure. You want to sandwich their neck between your forearms and your hips.

If they start to roll and turn away from you, move with them and stay tight to their body. Keep your forearms under their neck and squeeze continuously. This will limit their ability to escape.
Once your opponent taps out or goes unconscious, immediately release the choke. Check that they are okay and let them recover before continuing the roll.

Andre Galvao demonstrates this Ezekiel Choke setup on the video below: