3 Things You Can Learn From Gordon Ryan – Right Now

3 Things You Can Learn From Gordon Ryan – Right Now

Be it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or whichever other area of your life that you’re trying to excel in, you should always be on the look out to learn more. However, a very important part of this learning ordeal is something you may often miss out on: looking up to those who have achieved what you’d like to achieve one day as well.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 3 very important things you can learn from one of the greatest grapplers of all time – Gordon Ryan.



Gordon Ryan didn’t reach the level he’s at right now by mistake nor luck. He worked hard for it, dedicating the vast majority of his time to refining his craft on the mats; doing so every day of the year, no matter the date. That is, he cultivated a razor-sharp work ethic, through which he continues to harvest great benefits.
What this should teach you is that you need to develop a relentless work ethic. Yes, you need luck to achieve the things you want to achieve; but when luck comes your way, it needs a fertile soil to fall on. This fertile soil is made out of discipline and dedication – the prerequisites for any great achievement.

So, how do you go about developing a strong work ethic? First be sure to clearly define your goals, so that you know what you’re aiming for. Then, figure out what it will take to fulfill those goals. Once you have these two things on paper, you’ll know what you need to do – and then just start going after it.
Dedication and discipline are like a muscle, so don’t expect yourself to hit the PR every time. Instead, slowly build them up, through consistent efforts over time, and you will start reaping benefits.



Regardless of what you may think about Gordon’s talk and what he says, one thing is for certain: he has the mentality of a winner. And you need it too.
That is, you need to develop a sort of a mindset that is unbeatable. You need to convince yourself that, whatever it is that you want, no matter what it is, that you can achieve it and that you will achieve it. That no obstacle, no matter how difficult, will stand in your way; and that, even if it does try to bring you down, that you’ll laugh it out – and just do what you’ve set your mind to anyway.

Because, the thing is, being the best at something doesn’t always show. Just think how many great things you could’ve accomplished so far, if only you believed in yourself a bit more… Crazy, right? So, don’t let your present goals turn into dust just like those past ones have, simply because you’re unsure of yourself. Set your mind to developing a gritty mentality, one that never gives up and that believes in itself more than anything or anyone else.



Finally, one of the greatest reasons behind Gordon’s success isn’t just his excellence as an athlete; but also his ability to teach and transfer knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to others as well – just take a look at his instructional videos.
In other words, to become the best in something, you need to become good at teaching it to others as well. Because, once you can explain it well to anyone, you’ll have a much more complete understanding of your field of interest. You’ll widen your own horizons; and, therefore, build your frame of competence as a result.