Jeff Glover Shares Advice For Young Grapplers: “Don’t Be A Beta”

Jeff Glover Shares Advice For Young Grapplers: “Don’t Be A Beta”

Jeff Glover is one of the best and most exciting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes to ever do it.

His style and outspoken nature have turned him into a fan-favorite for many – and he’s got plenty of experience and advice to share with the BJJ community.

For example, in an interview with BJJEE, Glover shared some good advice for young grapplers:

Injuries don’t bother you when you are in your 20’s.
In my 30’s, I started feeling pain from the 20 or so years of fighting and training with much larger dudes.

Plus, the years of not eating right have really taken their toll.
I’d advise the kids today to eat right and respect the pain your body signals to you.

But at the same time, don’t be a BETA!

He also explained why he enjoys competing against bigger opponents:

My coach would push me and tell me that I could do really well against bigger guys.
I always did really well in the open class, having won at least 10 different open titles throughout my career.

And I had a chip on my shoulder so to speak, from being called small, from being told that I’m too small to do a lot of things.

Everyone thought I was a weak little boy, but I think that I proved the opposite of that.


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