Weekend Recap: AJP Brings Five Tournaments To Four Different Countries Around The World

Weekend Recap: AJP Brings Five Tournaments To Four Different Countries Around The World

In another stellar weekend for competitive Jiu-Jitsu, AJP has brought tournaments to countries all over the globe, providing athletes with many options as they choose the battlefield upon which they would put their skills to the test.

This time around, competitors could choose between Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, and South Korea to fight for gold in the organization, so without further ado, let’s check out the highlights from each championship!

AJP Tour Shymkent International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Olzhas Nurtakanov conquers the title in Kazakhstan

Taking place on both days of the weekend, the Shymkent International brought all the action AJP is known for to the Legkoatleticheskiy Manezh.

With the kids taking over the tournament on the first day, the second saw athletes from other categories fighting tooth and nail to conquer the title in their respective weight divisions.
Standing above all, a local black belt made waves in the tournament as he reached the Professional gold medal at the event.

Fighting in the 85kg division, Olzhas Nurtakanov (Mario Bros BJJ Kazakhstan) had no easy fights in his path to becoming the champion.
He opened the bracket by facing his fellow countryman Aibar Orazaly (Satti Lux Stroy) in a very well-balanced duel that took up the entirety of the regulated time, ending with a narrow 2-1 score to put Olzhas in the final.

After that, Aibar fought against Brazil’s Junio Ferreira (Kaizen Jiu Jitsu Academy) and took the win via submission.
With the gold round settled in a rematch, both athletes went at each other without holding back and the fight once again lasted the full five minutes. When the clock ran out, a 2-0 score gave Olzhas the victory and the 85kg division title.

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AJP Tour Guadalajara International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Luis Ignacio Aceves and Ramón Vargas take the Professional gold in Mexico

On Saturday, April 20th, the Quinta Carolina welcomed athletes of all ages and graduations to put their training to the test in the Guadalajara International.

Among the many names who rose to the challenge and carved their names in the AJP annals, two local brown belts from the Professional category showed their prowess and mettle as they downed their opponents on the way to becoming champions.

First, in the 77kg division, Luis Ignacio Aceves (Brasa Felipe Costa) made short work of his sole adversary to reach the top spot on the podium.
Facing Miguel Gutierrez, a Mexican brown belt representing Team Carvalho, Luis held nothing back and unleashed the full might of his game from the get-go, overpowering his opponent and landing the winning submission with less than a minute on the clock.

Meanwhile, Ramón Vargas (Escola Mente e Corpo) used his technical know-how to take over the 85kg bracket.
Facing only Mexican opponents, Ramón first faced Rodolfo Barron (Brasa Felipe Costa) and had his Jiu-Jitsu do the talking over the course of the five regulated minutes, scoring a whopping 15-3 to advance to the final.

In the gold round, Ramón went toe-to-toe against Christian Bautista (Brasa Felipe Costa) in another match that lasted the entirety of the regulated time.
Like his previous duel, Ramón was simply too much for his opponent, controlling the flow of the match, scoring multiple times, and taking the title with a 15-1 score.

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AJP Tour Turkey National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Black belts become champions in Istanbul

On that same Saturday, the Bağcilar Gençli̇k Ve Spor İlçe Müdürlüğü Oli̇mpi̇k Spor Salonu was the whetstone on which athletes would sharpen their techniques while seeking gold, glory, and ranking points in the AJP.
A standout at the tournament, the Professional Black Belt category had the attending crowd on the edge of their seats as they showed the knowledge that landed them in the elite of the sport.

Starting in the 77kg division, the Russian Daud Adaev (Checkmat International) overcame two opponents from his homeland to reach the title.
In the semifinal, Daud outscored Alexander Redvanov (Gojira Jiu-Jitsu) by 7-2 and advanced to the final, where he beat Vladislav Losev (Supernova BJJ Academy) with a sound 8-0 on the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, in the 85kg division, Brazil’s Rogério Luz (GFTeam) had a well-balanced match against the German Burak Basak (PSLPB Cicero Costha) that lasted all five minutes of the regulated time, taking the win by a narrow 3-2 score to climb the podium.

Finally, in the 120kg bracket, the Brazilian Matheus Xavier (Commando Group) defeated all his opponents to become the champion of the heaviest division.
In his first duel, Matheus had a tough battle against Russia’s Tamerlan Eslemesov (Top Team Fight Club) and got the win with a 4-3 score.

Facing another Russian in the final round, Matheus had an equally challenging match against Dmitrii Vostrikov (GFTeam), with the score tied at 1-1 until Matheus saw a golden opportunity and locked the winning submission to seize the title for himself.

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AJP No-Gi Europe Continental Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Daniel de Groot and Jed Hue show their skills and take the gold in Istanbul

On the following day, still at the Bağcilar Gençli̇k Ve Spor İlçe Müdürlüğü Oli̇mpi̇k Spor Salonu, the No-Gi Europe Continental had a grappling show in store for athletes and fight fans.
With 1400 points on the line, grapplers from all corners of the world joined the contest and put on their best performances while facing each other, but two black belts managed to steal the spotlight and use their skills to conquer the Professional gold.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Daniel de Groot (Checkmat International) rose to prominence at the 62kg division. Facing Qatar’s Salman Al Thani (Commando Group) in a best-of-three bracket, Daniel managed to score 6-0 before submitting to get his first win.
In the second fight, Salman was more cautious and avoided being submitted, but Daniel still dominated the entirety of the duel, earning his second victory and the title with a 12-2 score.

Meanwhile, at the 85kg bracket, the British Jed Hue (Roger Gracie Academy) defeated both his opponents to reach the top of the podium.
First, in the semifinal, Jed landed a quick submission against the Welsh Benjamin Robson (Gracie Barra Cannock), and then, in the final match, he had a very well-balanced match against the Russian Magomed Abdulkadirov (Universal Fighters), scoring last in a 2-2 tie to take the gold medal.

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AJP Tour South Korea National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Daniel Soares and WonHee Jo rise to the top of the podium in Ansan-Si

On Sunday, April 21st, the Ansan Olympics Gymnasium attracted talented athletes from all over the world, all raring to fight and conquer the chance to call themselves champions in the AJP.
Colored and black belts joined the fray and left their hearts on the mats as they sought the gold, but two Professional black belts caught the crowd’s attention as they rose to the top of their respective weight divisions.

Fighting a long way from home, the Brazilian Daniel Soares (GFTeam) reigned over the 85kg division.

Facing the Guamanian David Harris (Purebred Jiu Jitsu Guam), who opened the bracket by landing a submission over the local TaeHeum Jo (Checkmat International), Daniel controlled the match over the course of the five minutes of regulated time, scoring multiple times while giving his opponent no chance to land a single point.
When the clock ran out, a whopping 12-0 score gave Daniel the win and the title.

A couple of minutes later, the local WonHee Jo (Roots BJJ) stepped up to the mats, ready to fight for the 94kg gold medal.

Facing the Mongolian Ulziibayar Selemjav (Garuda Jiu Jitsu Academy), WonHee took a strategic approach in the final round, calmly and cautiously observing his opponent before seeing his chance and locking a golden submission with a little over a minute on the clock.

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