UFC’s Zhang Weili Promoted To BJJ Brown Belt

UFC’s Zhang Weili Promoted To BJJ Brown Belt

Zhang Weili is a top UFC women’s strawweight division fighter. In her most recent performance at UFC 281, she submitted Carla Esparza with a Rear Naked Choke – and won the title!

And now, a bit over a month after winning the strawweight title, Weili has been promoted to the rank of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt!
She was promoted by her coach, Pedro Jordao… And it wasn’t easy getting “there”, as she shared in an Instagram post:

Today is a special day. I have a brown belt.

I have a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for seven years. It’s really not an easy thing to do. Professor Jordan is a strict man.
We’ve been together since 2014. The professor helped me a lot. I was the only student in the club. I didn’t realize that after all these years our team would be so big. We’re gonna keep going.

Thank you again Professor Jordan. He is a man of faith. Responsible people. Thank professor.

What’s more, Josh Hinger – one of the best BJJ athletes in the world right now – is also a part of Weili’s corner team and is responsible for the BJJ aspect of her fight camp.
And, well, Hinger said that Weili is the only fighter capable of beating the great Valentina Shevchenko:

There’s no one that I think is really a big threat to Valentina in her category right now.
I think Weili is the only one who can go up and actually give a good fight to Valentina.