Submission Circus 3: Women’s GP and Unprecedented ‘Taparia’ Fight in Brazil

Submission Circus 3: Women’s GP and Unprecedented ‘Taparia’ Fight in Brazil

The “Submission Circus” promotion had shown, ever since its first edition, that innovation should be the key in the development of submission grappling. They incorporated duels between teams and pairs, with an exciting possibility of exchange during the very duration of the match.
Now, for their third edition (July 18), the event will be held in Brazil for the first time ever – in the style called “Taparia”… A submission fight in which athletes can slap each other! For this particular fight, the promotion selected Alex Alves and Tiago Santos.



Back in the first edition of the Submission Circus promotion, the duel between teams was what stood out. And now, for this edition, this format is coming back!

The organization formed two teams: Team MMA and the Team Jiu-Jitsu. The Team MMA team will be composed out of athletes that make up some of the main mixed martial arts organizations of the world: Mayra Sheetara (UFC), Virna Jandiroba (UFC), Isabela de Padua (UFC), Maiara Amanajas (former Contenders Series) and Jessica Delboni (Invicta FC).
The Team Jiu-Jitsu’s athletes will be: Brenda Almeida, Jacyara Eloya, Natália Nespati, Camila Guerra and Clarissa Nabes.



  • Ringmaster Belt Dispute (up to 80kg): Raul Basilio (champion) vs. Diogo Hannibal
  • Superfight Belt (up to 70kg): Reginaldo Vieira vs. Leandro Compri
  • Superfight (up to 75kg): Ricardo Carcacinha vs. Gabriel Paulino
  • Superfight: Jonas Sausage vs. Caio Duarte
  • Circus Combat (Taparia): Alex Alves vs. Tiago Santos


Women’s team challenge:


-Virna Jandiroba
-Mayra Sheetara
-Jéssica Delboni
-Isabella de Pádua
-Maiara Amanajas


-Natalia Nespatti
-Jacyara Eloya
-Brenda de Almeida
-Camila Guerra
-Clarisse Nabes


Grand Prix Ringmaster (up to 70kg) (draw at weigh-in):

-Bernardo Bene
-Yuri Hendrex
-Hoanes Minasian
-Erick Nunes
-Mairon Santos
-Alex Jordys
-Carlos Lopes
-Luis Felipe Buddha


GP Reserve Fight:

-Lucas Aniceto x Matheus Almeida