Rafael Lovato Jr. Reveals That He’s The Person Who Coined The Term “Headquarters” In BJJ

Rafael Lovato Jr. Reveals That He’s The Person Who Coined The Term “Headquarters” In BJJ

The Headquarters in Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most often utilized ones, and for good reason – it’s a dominant one and fantastic for guard passing.

But did you know that it was actually Rafael Lovato Jr. who first used the term “Headquarters” to refer to this position?
He revealed it all in a recent social media post:

Did you know that I was the first person to call this very common open guard passing position the “Headquarters”?

Way before BJJ Fanaticswas created, I was marketing & selling my own BJJ DVDs. starting in 2011-2012 & the very first set I made was the Ultimate Pressure Passing System or UPPS.
The whole course revolved around the HQ position which was not near as familiar as what it is today.

To set the whole course up, I introduced this standing passing position & because of how everything started from there, I called it the Headquarters.
I had never heard anyone else call it that before.

Lovato Jr. continues to explain:

Since then, virtually every academy I visit around the world also calls this position the Headquarters & there are numerous instructionals based on the HQ position that refer to it as the Headquarters as well.

He also referred to the Side Smash position:

Also in that set, I named the Side Smash the Side Smash lol.

I had heard it referred to as the Dope Mount before that which was how Marc Laimon called it based on BJ Penn doing it in MMA.
I also see many people also call the Side Smash position the Side Smash.

I didn’t invent these positions by any means, but I think it’s pretty cool to see everyone using the terminology I gave it.

I do know without a doubt that I was the first person to systemize this style of passing so in depth, break it down on video, & give it all names.


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