Rafael Lovato Jr. Pulls Off 60h Fasting Challenge: “I Really Enjoyed It”

Rafael Lovato Jr. Pulls Off 60h Fasting Challenge: “I Really Enjoyed It”

Many people and experts praise fasting for its health benefits.
And a considerable amount of BJJ practitioners take it up in the form of intermittent fasting. But some take it to the next level – like Rafael Lovato Jr.

Lovato recently pushed through a 60 hour fast.
He detailed the approach on his social media:

I’m coming up on a new decade of life & wanted to do something different this week to challenge myself, cleanse my body, focus my mind, & just hit a big reset button for my system.

I practice intermittent fasting regularly, but I’ve never gone beyond 24hrs without food.

I made sure to have plenty of water & used salt & squeezed lemons for electrolytes & flavor. I also had green tea & black coffee all with zero calories added.
This was definitely a challenge, but I actually really enjoyed it!

Yes, Lovato did feel a bit exhausted as he was coming closer to the 60h fasting window, but he experienced a lot of unexpected benefits along the way:

My productivity level was insane!

My mind was so focused & energized & it wasn’t the caffeine either.
I actually had less caffeine than I normally do & felt energized all the way until late in the night.

I made 2.5 days look like a whole week!

He was also surprised by how his sleep improved:

I was shocked at how little sleep I needed.

My energy lasted until late at night & I woke up on my own after 4-5hrs of sleep & didn’t feel the need to go back to sleep.


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