Nicholas Meregali Praises Tennis Great Novak Đoković: “Reaching That Level Of Perfection…”

Nicholas Meregali Praises Tennis Great Novak Đoković: “Reaching That Level Of Perfection…”

Nicholas Meregali is one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the world – and he wants to become the best to ever do it (in the gi especially).

So, it appears that he often draws inspiration from other greats around him…
Not just from the world of Jiu-Jitsu, though; but also from other sports. Such as tennis.

For example, Meregali recently took it to social media and praised tennis great Novak Đoković!
Here’s what he had to say about the Serbian national:

This is one of the athletes who has been inspiring the most in recent months.
Reaching that level of perfection in all aspects of the game is beautiful.

That’s the clear picture I have in mind for myself and this is why I’m dedicating my life to a level that I can’t even see; perfection.


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Many other BJJ athletes and fans approved of Meregali’s support for Đoković…
Though he received some criticism, mostly because of the “disparity” between his and Novak’s behavior.

One such comment said:

Well, Đoković has World titles, and it’s not won by a single event. It’s a tour.
With that said, he beat all others in quantity of titles, and I don’t see him trying to skip grand slam events.

Yes, you have thé chance to beat the 13 world titles of Buchecha, but you want to be the greatest by your own way of being greatest?
C’mon, just go there to IBJJF Worlds and get these easy medals for you.

Another one said:

You will never reach his level, because you write bul**hit and talk about you opponents with disrespect.
Đoković is much beyond that behavior.

Others offered full support, such as the following one:

Are you crazy, Đoković and Meregali in the same post?! I’m going crazy I’m happy to know that you have as idols the greatest in the history of tennis.

You are on the same line,just in a different sport! God bless you, warrior!