Kade Ruotolo: “I Don’t Think I Would’ve Won The ADCC Without Tye”

Kade Ruotolo: “I Don’t Think I Would’ve Won The ADCC Without Tye”

Whenever you succeed, whenever you accomplish a goal, especially a lofty one…
It’s almost never the case that you’ve done it alone. You’ve had people help you along the way, in one way or another.

Kade Ruotolo is well aware of that.
The person he is most grateful for, when it comes to his success on the mats, is Tye – his twin brother.

Here’s what Kade had to say about his brother, in a recent ONE Championship interview:

I don’t think there’s been anything that’s helped me more single-handedly than my brother, as an athlete.
Because there have been countless times where I don’t think I would have accomplished certain things without him.

For example, he doesn’t believe that he would have won the ADCC title if it weren’t for Tye:

I don’t think I would have won the ADCC [World Championship] if he wasn’t there.

It’s just a couple of words that he told me beforehand.
There are things that your brother will tell you that no one else will tell you.

Like: “Dude, you actually sucked in that round. What are you doing?”
He’s just brutally honest, and you need that in order to grow.

And it’s been not just the support, but also the rivalry between the brothers that made them into who they are today:

There are so many things [that Tye did to help me], from just the everyday scraps, the hour-long fights that we’ve just had in the garage until [someone] taps.

Every war that we’ve ever had has really grown us into the athletes that we are today.
We wouldn’t even be close to where we’re at without each other.


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