John Danaher’s Sage Advice To A BJJ Kid: “Your Long Term Goal Is…”

John Danaher’s Sage Advice To A BJJ Kid: “Your Long Term Goal Is…”

If you want to improve your Jiu-Jitsu, it’s often best to listen to the advice of people who are, well, among the best in the Gentle Art – both athletes and coaches alike.
Especially if it’s advice from someone like John Danaher, who has years of coaching experience and proven success. Both with professional athletes and numerous practitioners who’ve improved their mat skills with his instructionals.

And yes, that is true both for senior and younger athletes alike.
In fact, there’s a video in which Danaher gives sage advice to a kid that trains BJJ…

And it’s all about the importance of being defensively sound first:

When you’re defensively strong, that forms the foundation from which you become offensively strong.

Your long-term goal is to be the best attacking Jiu-Jitsu player in the world.
But the pathway to attack is through your confidence in your defense.

So, your first skill is: never let people control you.

Danaher emphasizes that it’s crucial that the practitioner has to be able to get out of almost any given situation:

You got to be able to get out of any pin. Out of any submission hold.
Break any kind of control grip.

So no one can ever impose their will upon you.
And when they can’t do that, then you can impose your will upon them.


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