Gordon Ryan Says He’s Had Over 1000 Competition Matches

Gordon Ryan Says He’s Had Over 1000 Competition Matches

Gordon Ryan has recently claimed that he has competed in over 1,000 competitive matches spanning a 13-year career.

Ryan is just 28 years old, and yet his list of achievements is outstanding…
Even though his journey has been full of health challenges that have intermittently forced him out of competition.

Nevertheless, Ryan has recently said that his competition record is far higher than one might expect.
That he has competed in over 1000 matches.

It was highlighted in one of his recent Instagram comments:

I’ve never been to weigh ins and then pulled out of a match.
In over 1k matches and over 13 years of competition, not once has that happened.

Not even when I was 7 months off LCL surgery, with a broken hand, 2 broken thumbs, and food poisoning…
Then won double gold at ADCC.

Gordon comment 1000 matches

A detailed look into Ryan’s career, courtesy of BJJ Heroes, shows that since attaining his black belt in early 2016, the New Jersey native has officially competed in 104 matches.
Given Ryan’s statement of over a decade of competition, this would imply his grappling journey commenced around 2010 or 2011.

To hit the thousand-match milestone, Ryan would have had to engage in at least 896 matches before receiving his black belt, a feat that translates to an average of three matches every week for six years.