Gordon Ryan Reacts To Dillon Danis Dropping Out Of Another Fight: “You’re Just A Clown”

Gordon Ryan Reacts To Dillon Danis Dropping Out Of Another Fight: “You’re Just A Clown”

Dillon Danis has dropped out from yet another match – this time from a boxing bout against social influencer KSI.
And, while Danis stated that the “truth will shock everyone” (so as to why he dropped out from the fight), he still hasn’t addressed why he didn’t end up fighting KSI.

And, well, Gordon Ryan thinks that is “amazing”. Especially considering that Danis’ manager followed up with a statement of his own, as Ryan emphasized in an interview for MMA Fighting:

That was just amazing. Because his manager just came out and said [Danis] wasn’t training and he couldn’t make weight.

It’s like dude, at least lie and say he hurt his ribs and can’t compete. Don’t just be like: “He’s a lazy sh*t bag, maybe he can’t make it.”

Gordon said that he felt that Danis would drop out:

I knew it was going to happen. Dillon’s whole thing is he just soaks up the publicity for whatever he’s going to do, and then at the last second, he pulls out.

He gives the promotion enough time to find a replacement so they want to work with him again.

Nevertheless, Ryan still wonders how Danis makes money, considering that he doesn’t compete:

He gets the publicity and he doesn’t actually have to do anything. He doesn’t actually have to compete. I don’t know what his deal is.

He must have some sort of inheritance because he doesn’t teach, he’s not sponsored by anybody, he hasn’t posted anything on his social media. He doesn’t compete.
There’s no way he can possibly make money unless he has a job at Walmart that we don’t know about.

He must just be living off his family’s money or something and just hanging out.
He did a great job at building his initial brand, but if you’re going to talk sh*t and you don’t compete and you don’t win, then you’re just a clown, in my opinion.