#1 Advice To Improve In Jiu-Jitsu: Let Good Positions Work For You

#1 Advice To Improve In Jiu-Jitsu: Let Good Positions Work For You

When you begin training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you often get gassed out really quickly.
And not just because you don’t have the cardio – but also because you don’t know how to move efficiently.

But, as your time on the mats accumulates, you’ll start figuring out that there are certain times when you can rest, when you can pick up the pace, and when you should keep the pace constant…
However, a lot of students still rush and waste too much energy at one particular point when they should conserve it.

At the point when they get into a good position.

In other words, when you get into a good position, you should make it work for you.
John Danaher explains why:

There are many times in Jiu jitsu where you have to work hard to recover from an error or gain an initial advantage.

Once we start working hard we have a tendency to keep working hard and if your work rate stays too high for too long it will result in exhaustion.
It’s important therefore, that once you’ve gained a good position on an opponent, that you learn to dial back the physical intensity level and let the good position you’ve gained do the work for you.

Now it’s time for the other guy to do the hard work.

This will prove to be an excellent tactic as you use it more and more:

This is what enables you to beat tough opponents over time.

Do the hard work to gain good position, but once there let the other guy do the hard work while you lower your energy expenditure – that’s the key to making position work for you.


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