WWE Explains Reasons For Releasing Gable Steveson After Olympic trials

WWE Explains Reasons For Releasing Gable Steveson After Olympic trials

Gable Steveson, the 2020 Olympic wrestling gold medalist, has been released from his contract with WWE, the professional wrestling organization.

And now, after a lot of speculation, the details behind Steveson’s release have been released.
David Meltzer spoke out about them on the Wrestling Observer Radio:

The reality is it’s another one – his contract was a very big money contract and he wasn’t cutting it, that’s the thing.
It’s very, very hard.

You’re talking about a guy who from literally 7th grade on was an incredible athlete.
This guy may be, probably is, the best heavyweight wrestler ever in the United States.

The best wrestler period out of the state of Minnesota and Minnesota has got a lot of great wrestlers.

In other words, it’s been said that Steveson did not fulfill his potential.

After a spectacular performance at the Tokyo Olympics, where he won the gold medal, Steveson joined WWE – hoping to translate his athletic skills into the entertainment industry.

His transition mirrored that of other successful wrestlers, such as Kurt Angle, who have shifted to WWE, which raised high expectations.

However, Steveson’s journey with WWE has been notably short-lived.
Over the next few years, Steveson only made occasional appearances on WWE television, never fully transitioning into a regular performer aside from a handful of sporadic matches aired on TV.