Gordon Ryan “Promoted” To BJJ Blue Belt By Roger Gracie

Gordon Ryan “Promoted” To BJJ Blue Belt By Roger Gracie

Gordon Ryan and Roger Gracie had an opportunity to roll together in Austin, Texas; where the Gracie came in order to record a podcast episode with Lex Fridman.

Ryan wrote about the awesome experience extensively… And also posted a picture of getting “promoted” to blue belt by Roger:

After some hard rounds in the gi today Roger decided it was time for a blue belt. Happy to be promoted by someone of this caliber. On to the next step.

Coach John Danaher, on the other side, revealed what Roger Gracie and Lex Fridman spoke about… And it seems like the upcoming podcast episode will be full of golden nuggets:

Lex asked Roger about both technical and psychological aspects of Rogers approach to competitive Jiu-Jitsu…
His preference for mounted pins over other control positions and then a fascinating discussion of his legendary second match with arch rival Buchecha; and using that as a vehicle to express Roger’s thoughts of confidence and focus.

They also discuss Rogers disdain for tactics and strategy and the path to technical mastery that defined his career.


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