Fight To Win 179: Josh Cisneros Wins Rematch Against Kennedy Maciel

Fight To Win 179: Josh Cisneros Wins Rematch Against Kennedy Maciel

The Fight To Win 179 promotion was a tremendous one; featuring two fantastic matches where athletes showed their full display of skills. Namely, Josh Cisneros won his rematch fight against Kennedy Maciel – and Gabi McComb winning her match against Karen Antunes.
Here’s how the matches went down.



The main event between Cisneros and Maciel showreeled a lot of action from the beginning. Cisneros went for a jumping Guillotine, and Maciel got a Single Leg. He tripped Joshn down to the mats and worked his way into a Crucifix, getting the Kimura Trap on his opponent’s arm. Then, he threw his leg over Cisneros’s head to get an Armbar, but Cisneros escaped and returned to his feet.

With around two minutes to go into the match and with his previously established Kimura Grip in place, Cisneros pulled Maciel’s arm out and went for the Kimura. Maciel managed to escape it… But only managed to get so far – he ended up in a Triangle Choke.
He continued to defend. Cisneros then switched the Triangle lock onto the other side, but was unable to get the tap. As a result, Cisneros was declared the winner by unanimous decision; thus claiming his Fight To Win No Gi lightweight title.



The co-main event between McComb and Antunes was no less exciting. Gabi pulled guard immediately and Antunes began her attempts to pass. However, McComb kept her guard safe with great frames and grips; which ultimately resulted in a strangle, where she managed to get a Single Leg-X on Antunes. She then topped Antunes and went for the Straight Ankle Lock – but did not succeed in getting the tap, due to Antunes’ great defense.
Antunes then went on to take the back, as well as the Mount position, but was successfully prevented by McComb.

As McComb was searching for a sweep, Antunes finally managed to pass her guard and establish Side Control. With around 60 seconds to go into the match, McComb recovered her guard by inverting, and both of them returned to their feet.
Gabi then pulled guard again, Antunes went hard for the pass while she was fighting hard to retain her guard. And that is when the time ran out.

Gabi McComb was declared the winner by unanimous decision as well.

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