ADXC 3: Zayed Akatheeri Vs Oziel Santos And A Brazil Vs Kazakhstan Duel Brings The Heat To The Prelims

ADXC 3: Zayed Akatheeri Vs Oziel Santos And A Brazil Vs Kazakhstan Duel Brings The Heat To The Prelims

With the next edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship (ADXC) getting closer, the organization just can’t seem to stop bringing new and exciting fights to the card that will shake up its first tournament in Brazil!

On March 2nd, the ADXC 3 arrives at Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, with an explosive list of duels, and two more fights have been confirmed.
On the preliminary card, the flyweight division will feature a Jiu-Jitsu duel between Zayed Alkhateeri and Oziel Santos.

One of the best athletes in his weight division, Zayed Alkatheeri is a stellar representative of the new batch of black belts born in the UAE.
With his flexible guard and quick guard passes, Zayed returns to the ADXC cage to once again show just how effective his technique really is.

Across the battlefield, the Brazilian Oziel Santos enters the fray to represent his team Fratres with his quick and submission-focused fighting style.
With countless victories to his name in the AJP since the colored belts, Oziel is a familiar face in the organization and has his work cut out for him, facing the dangerous Zayed to become a champion in the ADXC cage.

But that’s not all. In addition to the duel between Alkatheeri and Santos, the organization has also confirmed a Brazil vs Kazakhstan fight in the Preliminary card.

A Local athlete from Balneário Camboriú with many titles to his name, the Brazilian Fernando Santos joins the card and enters a collision course against the Kazakh Seilkhan Bolatbek, a young competitor who has proven himself in the biggest stages of the international scene.

Scheduled for March 2nd, the third edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship is almost upon us.

The tournament will feature 14 matches in its card and will be headlined by two Main Events, with Beatriz Mesquita and Jennifer Maia going toe-to-toe in the Grappling Main Event while Bruno Lima and Jansen Gomes show their skills in the Jiu-Jitsu Main Event.

The tournament will be broadcast live and exclusively at the modern streaming platform TX7.ae, and you can stay up-to-date on all things ADXC by following @adxcofficial on Instagram.