Craig Jones Shares The Rules Of Training At B-Team – And It’s Hilarious

Craig Jones Shares The Rules Of Training At B-Team – And It’s Hilarious
Image Credits: B-Team YouTube channel

Want to visit the B-Team and train with them… Even though you’re a hobbyist? You can!
Craig Jones says that there’s no need to contact him nor anyone about training at B-Team. As long as you’re a blue belt or above, you can drop in and train with them.

However, there are some rules that you have to follow.



Arguably the most important rule, that Craig immediately emphasizes, is the one of paying the drop-in fee and signing the waiver if you want to visit the school and train for one class.
He points out, quite enthusiastically, that there is a zero tolerance policy for anyone who tries to sneak in without paying and signing the waiver… Which seems that the B-Team has come across quite a few times.

Jones also emphasizes that you can wear whichever uniform you’d like – that the B-Team is “not one of those schools that make you wear their stuff” – but that you can also buy some of their merchandise if you’d like to.

He also points out that you should come early for class, but not too early… And definitely don’t be late, because if you’re late for the first sparring round, you will not be welcome to roll for the second, third, nor any of the following rounds.
Also, if you’re resting from rolling or whatever, you shouldn’t sit on the mats – but on the chair.

Additionally, if you’re someone who is more of a hobbyist, Craig says that you should stick to your “half of the training space” and not jump into the space where the professional athletes train.
It’s strictly a safety issue, because the professional athletes’ earnings depend on their ability to use mat space in a safe manner. Unlike it’s the case for hobbyists.

Watch the video below to hear more on the rules of training at B-Team. It’s hilarious, in a true Craig Jones fashion: