ADCC Kids World Championship In The Making? Mo Jassim Reveals

ADCC Kids World Championship In The Making? Mo Jassim Reveals

Mo Jassim, ADCC head organizer, has intentions of organizing an ADCC World Championship in 2024 – for kids!

The idea to organize the tournament came to Jassim after he was told about the performance of kids at the ADCC Sao Paulo Open 2023:

I heard from very close friends that some of the youth competitors from Brazil were out of this world in terms of skill, athleticism, and toughness.
Big Jay was in sao Paulo and he was in shock by some of these kids yesterday. I am hearing Melqui [Galvao] is creating a new generation of killers on the mat as well.

I believe when I put 100% of my focus onto something in grappling I can achieve it and I am going all in.
My mind is set, I will get it done – and there will be a mini ADCC in Las Vegas next year, with the best youth competitors across the world.

Mo Jassim ADCC Kids 2024 Instagram Story

Mo Jassim will be the ADCC 2024 head organizer as well.
And, according to Jits. Magazine, he plans to bring the event to a whole new level:

There will be assigned seating 100%. Sunday will be much faster, hall of fame Friday or Saturday, earlier start time…
Bronze matches on multiple mats.

I read all feedback and take it to heart, I know a good amount of people didn’t like that one announcer and other issues.
We didn’t execute as well as we could for sure and will aim to address those issues for 2024.

There will be changes across the board, from judging, professionalism, time management.
I agree with many of the points I am seeing and I have no issues enacting major sweeping changes.