A Manifesto For Leandro Lo: “We Will Not Forget What Happened”

A Manifesto For Leandro Lo: “We Will Not Forget What Happened”

It’s already been some weeks after Leandro Lo’s tragic death. And the BJJ community remains adamant that the justice is served; for Leandro, his family, friends, and everyone whose life he has made an impact on.
Now, a manifesto has appeared – calling for a proper and verified investigation of the murder.

You may sign the manifesto here. Here’s what it reads (translated from Portuguese):

This is a manifesto for justice for the world idol and human being Leandro Lo. A manifesto that we will not forget what happened.
A manifesto for the facts to be properly investigated and verified without any official privilege of the military corporation and mainly, that let the case be judged with the most correct justice!

Nothing will erase Lo’s achievements in sport, nothing will erase his good attitudes, his help given to those who needed it during his 33 years of life… His wars on the world’s mats, his love for sport and the love of the whole world; of your (Lo’s) fans, your friends and your beloved family for you.

Sign the manifesto for justice by Leandro Lo at the link below, put it in your bio, share and comment.
Everyone who signs this manifesto declares that this movement will not end until the final judgment of this case.


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