You’ve Been Doing It Wrong; This Is The Secret To An Effective Lockdown in BJJ

You’ve Been Doing It Wrong; This Is The Secret To An Effective Lockdown in BJJ

A lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners think that the Lockdown is just about, well, locking your opponent’s leg – but it’s not that simple. Coach Magnus Hansson, from 10th Planet Stockholm, points out that the Lockdown has got a lot more to it than just a leg connection, and that it actually contains four different elements to its successful application:

1) Yes, of course – the leg connection has to be established. But…
2)upper body control has to be there as well, and is even more important.
3) Your underhook game when you have your Lockdown secured will reap numerous benefits, and so will…
4) … your overhook game.

Those are four very important elements of the Lockdown, and there’s much more to them than you might think there is!

Lockdown is even more effective in the Gi

To many, the Lockdown system by 10th Planet founder, Master Eddie Bravo’s, is almost exclusively used in a NoGi environment. Being a part of the clinching category of guards, the advantage of this particular half guard is its superior ability to lock down the opponent with the two on one leg connection and a firm upper body control. In NoGi, this is crucial when dealing with sweaty and resisting opponents. But, what are the benefits of using the Lockdown in a Gi?

Learn the details to it with Eddie Bravo black belt Coach Hansson, at www.grapplinginstructionals.com


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