You Can’t Just Give Up When Stuck In A Bad Position

You Can’t Just Give Up When Stuck In A Bad Position

Jiu Jitsu is difficult! It puts you in all kind of uncomfortable positions, which you struggle to escape from; while at the same time your opponent is figuring out how to crush your spirit even more. It’s no wonder that so many people quit before they even start training.
That means that you, dear reader, are a part of the rare breed that chose to continue training despite the initial doubts. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to give up every now and then – especially when the going gets really tough.



You’ve had those moments in training and competition. Moments, where nothing seems to be going according to plan. No matter how much you try, you just can’t impose your game onto your training partner or opponent. And then, to make matters worse, suddenly you’re in a really bad spot; the other side is crushing you with their pressure and you feel them becoming heavier and heavier with each passing moment. Your head’s getting twisted by their Crossface and, well, it’s anything but a pleasant experience.

Well, their knee is now centered on just the right spot of your stomach as they’re pulling you towards themselves by your collar, and you’re rethinking every decision that could’ve led to such a lousy outcome. And then, to bring out a smile onto your face even more, we have more great news; your opponent or training partner has now successfully transitioned to the Mount. And they’ve pushed your elbows up in a neat fashion, getting your shoulders right next to your ears.
Such an incredibly bad situation to be in, right? There seems to be no way out and you’re on the verge of just giving up. Of basically giving the other side permission to do whatever they want, to let them transition wherever they wish, to allow them to submit you… So that you can get this whole mess over with.

But that’s no way to deal with these moments. For, even when it seems as if there’s no way out (and there almost always is), you must not give up.



To cut the long story short – you have to teach yourself not to give up when in a bad position! It’s extremely important to figure this out and put it to use as soon as possible on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey, as it will have you better equipped for the rest of it.
Why? Because it all comes down to the habits you’re cultivating along the way. If you just wait until you get submitted when in a disadvantageous situation or if you pretend to be defending, putting in minimal effort so that it seems as if you’re doing something; then the chances are that you’ll be more prone to doing this in the future rolls as well.

Therefore, as soon as you notice yourself wanting to abandon ship, don’t do it! Give your best shot to stay afloat, no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if you are all out of breath and if you’re under a heavy Mount, with five more minutes to go on the clock. Push through it – every single time! Even if they submit you, you’ll be better equipped for the next roll and the one after that.
That way, you’re getting used to giving your best every time you’re on the mats, despite the circumstances… Which, as you’ll find out, will both propel your BJJ progress and make you more confident in life as well.

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