Do You Tap From Pressure? These 2 Things Will Solve Your Problem

Do You Tap From Pressure? These 2 Things Will Solve Your Problem
Overcoming Pressure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Two Key Strategies

If you’re finding yourself tapping out from pressure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, particularly under the weight of heavier opponents, you’re not alone. This is a common challenge, especially for those newer to BJJ or those who often roll with larger partners. Here are two essential strategies to help you withstand pressure and avoid tapping out due to discomfort:

1. Learn to Be Comfortable in Uncomfortable Positions

  • Develop Frames with Your Arms: The fundamental technique to reduce pressure from positions like Mount or Side Control is to create frames with your arms. By framing, you place your arms strategically between you and your opponent, creating a barrier that distributes their weight and relieves pressure off your chest and torso. This doesn’t mean pushing against them with sheer strength, but rather positioning your arms in a way that your bone structure supports their weight, not your muscles.
    • Key Tips:
      • Keep your elbows close to your body to maintain strong frames.
      • Use angles to your advantage; frames are more effective when angled correctly against the opponent’s weight.
      • Be patient and wait for the right moment to create movement or escape.

2. Manage Your Energy and Effort

  • Conserve Your Energy: BJJ is as much about physical skill as it is about energy management. If you find yourself gassing out early in rolls, it’s time to reassess how you’re expending energy.
    • Effective Breathing: Learn to breathe efficiently, especially when under pressure. Panicking and breathing shallowly will only deplete your energy faster.
    • Pacing Your Rolls: Understand that not every moment in a roll requires maximal effort. Learn to identify when to explode with energy and when to conserve it. This pacing will prevent you from becoming overly exhausted, which in turn makes it harder for your opponent to pressure tap you.
    • Relaxation is Key: Often, newer practitioners tense up, using more energy than necessary. Learning to relax and flow can conserve energy and make it easier to endure tough positions.

Being pressured in BJJ is inevitable, but tapping to it isn’t. By learning to create effective frames and manage your energy efficiently, you can significantly improve your ability to withstand pressure from heavier opponents. Remember, this is a learning curve, and each roll is an opportunity to practice these skills. With time and patience, you’ll find yourself tapping less from pressure and enjoying your rolls more.