Watch: Craig Jones Rolls With Entire 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Watch: Craig Jones Rolls With Entire 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Craig Jones has been travelling a lot lately, as a part of his seminar tour. And recently, a footage from 10th Planet Austin emerged of him rolling with everyone in the gym!
Throughout the entire length of the video – 20 minutes (!) – Jones takes on athletes one after another and allows them space to work… But still, clearly, dominates on the field.


Craig Jones will defend his middleweight title on Polaris 17, set for October 9. Who his opponent will be is still unknown.

Jones previously won the middleweight title at Polaris 6 with a Heel Hook finish against Jake Shields; and has then successfully defended it against Matheus Lutes. However, he hasn’t been active in consistently defending his title up until now, mainly due to the fact that he went for the light heavyweight division title as well! There, he defeated Keenan Cornelius via decision and became a double champion.
Other than that, it’s important to mention that Craig’s success and improvement rates have been growing at a fast pace since 2019; when he competed in the ADCC and earned silver. So, even though the Polaris promotion will certainly find him a great match-up, Craig will probably still be the favorite in the bout.

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