Tom DeBlass Gives Advice To 30+ Year-Old Men: “Age Isn’t An Excuse To Let Yourself Go”

Tom DeBlass Gives Advice To 30+ Year-Old Men: “Age Isn’t An Excuse To Let Yourself Go”

If you’re around 25 years old or older, then you’re approaching a critical point in your development – both on and off the mats.
Especially when it comes to your health. And especially after you celebrate your 30th birthday.

And if you don’t take care of these things now, you’ll regret it later on.
Though, some things are out of your control.

Which ones? Tom DeBlass shares:

1. Life is stressful, and time is minimal. Our cortisol levels spike from being overworked and over stressed.
2. Our metabolism slows down. So, while you may be eating the same food as you did when you were younger, your body reacts differently to them.
3. Testosterone levels lower. Testosterone is the most important hormone within a man. As we age, it slowly starts to decline. Generally, that starts happening around 30 years old.

However, some of these things you can control. Here they are:

1. Put down the beer and stop yelling at the TV. Stop living through other men while letting your own self go. Perhaps when watching Monday night footfall, pick up a low calorie drink instead of beer, healthy snacks instead of chips, and each commercial break get in some sit-ups and push-ups. Remember, you must burn more calories than you consume to lose fat.
2. Stay up to date with your blood work. I have my blood work done every 3 to 6 months. It’s important to know not just your hormone levels, but to see if you are deficient in anything else.
3. Exercise instead of scrolling through social media. You will be surprised how much time you can actually free up if you remove the non-essential things in your life.
4. Eat healthier and drink more water.

If you follow through this advice, Tom DeBlass says you’ll feel that much better:

I’m currently 41, and I’m not competing at all. Yet I’m in better shape now than I was at 26, winning my first ADCC Trials.

I am older, but I am smarter. I understand myself so much more than I did in my 20s.


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