This High Percentage North South Kimura Defense Is Simple To Execute

This High Percentage North South Kimura Defense Is Simple To Execute

Everyone has that one strong training partner in the gym, whose submission of choice is the Kimura. He catches everyone in it from the North South position and gets the tap in 1-2 seconds after he establishes the grips… And that’s becoming increasingly frustrating for you.
To become more successful with your North South Kimura defense attempts, you’ll need to remember a couple of important tips. Stephen Whittier demonstrates.



Do you remember one of the very first oh-so-important things that you were taught when it comes to defense in BJJ? That’s right – it was keeping your elbows tight to your body. So, it’s surprising how many BJJ athletes let their second arm flail around while the first arm is trapped in the Kimura.
Why shouldn’t you do this? Because having your arm roam freely like that makes it susceptible to being pinned to the floor by the opponent’s shin; as well as to being scooped under. In other words: if your second arm gets isolated as well, the tap is near.

So, the moment your opponent starts stepping over your head for the North South position, tuck your elbow in. Then, while keeping it close to your body, make sure to check the incoming knee; as well as to make small “steps” in the same direction that the opponent is taking.
From here, you’ll need to sway your body into the opposite direction and tuck the first arm (one being attacked) into your body to escape successfully.

Watch Stephen Whittier demonstrate this North South Kimura defense thoroughly on the video below:

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