Stop The Leg Drag Pass With This Small Detail

Stop The Leg Drag Pass With This Small Detail

The leg drag is one of those passes that are taught in beginner classes, but that are used on regular basis by superior athletes at high-level competitions. And why is that? Because it’s simple and effective.
And it’s because of those two reasons that it is worth learning how to defend this popular pass – so let’s get to work immediately with the BJJ legend, Bruno Frazatto.

1. Frame first.

Coach Frazatto elaborates that the thing which makes the leg pass so powerful is that your legs shift to the direction opposite of your opponent; in other words, your legs don’t point towards your opponent anymore, but towards the other side. This makes it difficult to regain the guard.

To counter this, you first need to frame: as soon as they start the pass, straighten your hand out (the one on the same side of your body as the dragged leg) and place it on top of their shoulder.

2. Elevate your hips.

After framing with your hand, coach Frazatto points out that you need to elevate and switch the hips towards your opponent. This is done through engaging your „caught“ leg and then by placing the palm of your other hand on the thigh of your elevated hip. The part of your hand which runs from your shoulder to your elbow needs to stay on the ground, in order to keep your hip elevated and to keep this as an effective frame.

3. Switch your hips.

After elevating and framing your hips, and while still holding the frame with your hand, switch the hips towards your opponent.
Remember: if your legs don’t point towards them, you will get passed. And, as everything in Jiu Jitsu starts with the hips, this does as well – don’t let your hips turn away from your opponent. Instead, coach Frazatto advices to elevate and switch the hips towards them, in order to complete the final step.

4. Insert your legs back and regain the guard.

After the switch, push your „free“ leg into and against your opponent’s torso in order to create more space between yourself and them. As you do this, get your other leg back in and retain your open guard.

Guard Retention Made Simple!

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