Roy Dean Demonstrates The Classic Side Control Escape

Roy Dean Demonstrates The Classic Side Control Escape

Escaping the sidecontrol is one of the biggest challenges any beginner faces and it’s paramount to mastering bjj or even just saying you have rudimentary skills.

Coming out of side control is no joke, especially when heavily outweighed by your opponent.

But how do you go about learning to escape a really tight sidecontrol?

Know that feeling of being crushed in Side Control? Yeah, not a pleasant one. And it gets even less pleasant when your training partner switches to Kesa Gatame – that’s when you really don’t want to stay in this position for any longer than you have to.
However, there are some easy Side Control escape options that will help you a lot in getting out of side control.

You don’t have to be innovative all the time in order to make things work in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Rather, you can become extremely proficient by just using the most basic of techniques… And learning how to execute them perfectly.
For instance, here’s a classic Side Control escape technique that you could use all the time. Roy Dean demonstrates it on the video below:

Learn from one of America’s most respected Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors, with 8th-Degree Black Belt Pedro Sauer’s instruction on the principles of escaping bad positions.

  • Get out of every variation on the side control position with Professor Sauer’s fundamentals and techniques for reliable escapes.
  • Use proper framing and body mechanics to create space and escape, even against opponents in a scarf hold or reverse scarf hold.