Nicholas Meregali: “Winning Without Taking Risks Is Easy”

Nicholas Meregali: “Winning Without Taking Risks Is Easy”

Nicholas Meregali is one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes of all time.
And it’s not just his skill that differentiates him from others, but also his relentless mindset.

For example, here is a glimpse into his mentality from a few days ago – where he talks how it’s easy to win titles.
No, really. Here is what he said:

Winning titles is easy, building a strategy game to win is easy, winning without taking risks is easy, and all the things you do as others have done before are easy.

Dominating really tough opponents in a fashion way is brilliant, making them look like a random fighter is brilliant, breaking them mentally is brilliant, it’s just different than all you see around.

In other words, Meregali is always pushing himself.
And he does it because he wants to:

The more chances I have to perform and build my legacy, the more I prove to myself and the world that I have been right since the beginning.

When things run away from the regular standards, people naturally hate and go against it because what is new probably is not safe enough to be part of.
Well, I never found my safeness for being normal, my freedom comes from my purpose and not from society’s standards.


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