Nicholas Meregali Reveals 2 Concepts For Playing Guard (In The Gi)

Nicholas Meregali Reveals 2 Concepts For Playing Guard (In The Gi)

Playing guard isn’t really “simple”, is it? Especially in the gi, because there are a lot more grips (and, therefore, options) to take into consideration.
Well, there is a way to simplify playing guard. By focusing on concepts that make it work, rather than being overwhelmed because of the details you have to learn.

Nicholas Meregali revealed the two concepts that make playing guard in the gi easy:

Play guard in the Gi is really simple and easy if you respect 2 concepts:

– Inside position: ability to maintain frames, shields and any type of connection on collars/biceps/hips/etc where you’re dominating from inside.
– Kuzushi: ability to unbalance people by using different set ups to drive the head ahead or behind of the hip line, creating a situation where it’s inevitable stay comfortably on top position.

Meregali continued to explain what this means in practice:

Inside position is everything you need to be safe and consequently get to open your opponent’s body to find Kuzushi.

After you unbalance them, they will be vulnerable readjusting the body posture and you will create a great momentum to capitalize with sweeps or submissions.


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