Nicholas Meregali: “I Will Never Have A Friendship With A Guy I Compete With”

Nicholas Meregali: “I Will Never Have A Friendship With A Guy I Compete With”

Are you friends with the people you’ve competed against in tournaments?
For example, Zoltan Bathory is friends with almost everyone he has ever competed against, and he loves the “get-together” tournament atmosphere.

However, Nicholas Meregali doesn’t feel like being friends with his rivals.
Here’s what he said about the topic in a recent social media post:

What I do outside the mats is part of my job and as I said in interviews, I will never have a friendship with a guy a compete with because it destroys the sport, and I will always bring some dark energy to the battle because nothing is more exciting than watch a match in that atmosphere, Jiu-Jitsu deserves it, like you or not.

I know few of my opponents, and I know they are great guys but the way I approach the game doesn’t allow me to create any inches of personal contact, it’s 100% aligned to my purpose and I’m taking this high risk/pressure to build the sport.

In other words, Meregali has respect for his opponents… But that’s all that they’re getting:

If you’re my opponent, I want you to know that you have my respect, but the dark energy and my desire to beat a sh*t of you will always be there and that’s what I’m going to do if we face each other in the future.


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