Nicholas Meregali: “Being John Danaher’s Student Is A Responsibility”

Nicholas Meregali: “Being John Danaher’s Student Is A Responsibility”

Nicholas Meregali has been training with John Danaher for over three months now. He joined Danaher’s team for one simple reason: he wanted to improve further and reach his peak potential.
As a matter of fact, he recently decided to compete at the 2022 IBJJF World Championships, and so he had his first training session with Danaher in a gi!

Here’s what Meregali had to say about his experience of training with Professor Danaher so far:

My first gi training with Sensei @danaherjohn Meeting John and having the honor of being his student is both a motivation and a responsibility, because no one on earth is even close to the level of the connection he has with the martial art.

It continues to impacting me until today, after 3 months with him, 7 days a week, seeing the passion he transmits while living Jiu-Jitsu. His knowledge in any area of ​​the sport is literally unbelievable.

He emphasized that there’s a lot he has to learn from his new coach:

I’m one of the most technical guys I know and training with John gives me a sense of necessity and evolution because he’s years and light years ahead of me, and that’s really inspiring me.
I love this sport and I do whatever it takes for the martial art. People can even criticize, but the plans I have don’t allow me to act differently, flexibility is the poison in the long term.

A nice story was when my friends asked me how John would teach me in the Gi. And I replied: “You can’t understand until you meet him. Let’s see what will happen in the Worlds.”


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