Joe Rogan Tells The Story Of Eddie Bravo Instigating A Fight (In A Hard Rock Hotel)

Joe Rogan Tells The Story Of Eddie Bravo Instigating A Fight (In A Hard Rock Hotel)

What’s worse than picking a street fight? It’s picking a fight with a professional MMA fighter…
Who has Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo watching his back.

Tait Fletcher was the (former) professional fighter in question and he was spending time with Rogan and Bravo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.
Rogan shared the story of what happened next:

We’re we’re at this Hard Rock Hotel, and it’s Tait, me and Eddie Bravo. And there’s this really big dude, and this really big dude is in the hallway.

He’s like 6’6”, big f*cking athlete. Obviously, everyone’s scared of him.

Tait’s a big guy himself. Tait fought on The Ultimate Fighter.
Like, Tait’s a legit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Then, the 6’6” guy started causing trouble:

Tait’s trying to get into his room, and his keys not working. Like something’s wrong. I forget what it was.

Our rooms are connected. So Tait goes to the room, and then the guy is trying to use his key on Tait’s door and he’s saying: “You’re in my f*cking room.”

Tait’s, like: “Nah, man, I’m pretty sure it’s my room. Look, key works.”
And the guy’s like: “F*ck you, man! You’re in my room.”

Tait’s like: “I don’t know what to tell you. This is my room. See you. Bye.” And he shuts the door.

The drunk troublemaker then started banging on the door and the trio decided that they had to step out:

So our rooms are connected. We have the door open, and this guy’s pounding on the door, and we’re like, f*ck.
And so all three of us go out in the hallway with Tait.

It’s me and Eddie Bravo and Tait and this big f*cking guy and his two dopey friends. And his two dopey friends don’t know what to do.

And this guy’s gigantic, and he says something like: “I’ll f*ck you up.”
I go: “You’re making a f*cking tremendous mistake here.” And we just step back.

At that moment, the big guy started to back out of the fight, but then Eddie Bravo added fuel to the fire:

Eddie’s like, man, you said you were going to do something. F*cking do something.
Eddie literally causes the guy to come back out.

So this dumb guy comes back out, and he literally steps to Tait like he’s going to take a swing at him.
Tait grabs him, pulls guard, puts him in an Omoplata.

Security guard shows up. The security guard is, like: “Hey, stop!”
And he goes: “Are you Joe Rogan?”

I go. “Yeah. What’s up? How are you doing, man? Don’t worry. He’s not going to hurt him. He’s just going to strangle him unconscious and put him to sleep.”
Tait goes: “Well, now I guess I have to put him to sleep.”

Tait transitions from an Omoplata to a Rear Naked Choke, puts him to sleep out cold.
The dude goes out. His friends pick him up, they drag him into an elevator, and he just disappears from life.