Having Trouble Passing Half Guard? Start Using Submission Threats

Having Trouble Passing Half Guard? Start Using Submission Threats

Uhhh, soooo… You’ve been training BJJ for a bit, and there is (still) this one thought that keeps troubling you: position or submission?
Should you go for the position first, before you attempt a submission? Should you do it at all times, or can you sometimes – if not always – go for the tap first? What’s the deal with having a good position anyway, shouldn’t you be „unpredictable“ when you roll and compete so that you can beat your opponents much more quickly? Plus, BJJ is all about submitting people…

Long story short, there’s a dilemma on your hands that needs to be solved. It’s a question of: „Position or submission – which one of these should come first?“

You can actually use submission threats to get to better positions.

As you climb the ranks in BJJ and as you (and your training partners and competitors) become more experienced, it becomes increasingly difficult to “just pass” someone’s guard.
Rather, you have to learn how to combine different techniques – and submission threats – in order to pass effectively.

For example, here’s how you should use submission threats for passing Half Guard. Rafael Lovato Jr. demonstrates:

Learn The Best Ways To Add the Kimura to Your Game Using Legendary Strategies from BJJ Pioneer and Champion MMA Fighter Rafael Lovato Jr.!

  • Rafael Lovato Jr. has been competing in BJJ for over 20 years and is one of the most decorated American Back Belts in BJJ history claiming IBJJF world titles in gi and no gi, Brazilian Nationals Gold (first American to do so), and he boasts a 10-0 MMA record .
  • Lovato Jr. has been using the kimura since he was 15 years old and the submission remains his most trusted method of finishing his opponents.