Hand Fighting Tips From Mount That You’ve Got To Learn

Hand Fighting Tips From Mount That You’ve Got To Learn

Remember every time you are stuck in the mount and you can’t escape for dear life? You are being smashed and left at the mercy of your opponent and are clueless on how to escape?

For many Grapplers, especially for beginners, this is an every day reality on the BJJ mats.
It’s fair to say that the ability to escape the mount is very important in BJJ.

In general, three main mount escape techniques are taught:

1). The Bridge
2). The Hip and Elbow Escape
3). Foot-trap to Quarter Guard

These are three techniques are essential, but there is often one important fourth basic missing.


Whenever you’re stuck in Mount, your first priority should always be to mitigate the dangers… And only then go for an escape.
To become successful at lowering the risk of getting submitted, one of the things you’ve got to learn is hand fighting.

Gordon Ryan demonstrates some of his hand fighting tips on the video below:

Get Out Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Worst Positions, Gi Or No-Gi, With Lachlan Giles’s Insights Into Escaping.
The 2019 ADCC Absolute Medalist Teaches How To Get Out Bad Grappling Positions With Narrated Live Rolling Of Him Performing The Techniques.