Gordon Ryan Shares A Hilarious Big Gord Story: “Don’t Give Up, Buddy”

Gordon Ryan Shares A Hilarious Big Gord Story: “Don’t Give Up, Buddy”

It’s already been more than 2 and a half years since Big GordGordon Ryan‘s father – had passed away.
But the stories about him continue to live on and keep on making people laugh.

Gordon Ryan took it to social media recently to share two stories about Big Gord, both of which took place during the 2019 ADCC:

On day 1, everything was more relaxed because that’s the easy day.
So, Big Gord is floating around, taking pictures with fans, crowd pleasing, hitting on chick’s, the usual.

On day 2, they crack down on everyone with a pass and start throwing people out from mat side.
The security comes up to him and ask him to move. He looks at the guy and says: “Buddy, I was here yesterday, and I’m gonna be here today”, as he sips on his rum and coke and continues watching the matches.

Security goes up to Mo Jassim and tells him: “Sir, we have a guy who isn’t leaving, and he doesn’t have an all access pass.”
Mo is like: “Point him out. I’ll take care of it.”

The security guard points at him and Mo’s, like: “Hahaha oh sh*t, that’s Big Gord. He does whatever the f*ck he wants.
Just leave him alone.”

Confused, the security guard just says ok and walks away as Big Gord continues to watch the rest of the matches.

The second story involved Felipe Pena:

Later that day, he saw Felipe get thrown into a chair and quit.

Not knowing it was Felipe (a guy he hated for beating me), he gets up and yells: “Don’t give up buddy!”

I’m, like: “Dad, that’s the ‘Spanish guy’ who beat me twice.”
He’s, like: “Oh, well then f*ck ’em.”