Early Morning BJJ Training Giving You Trouble? These 3 Tips Will Help

Early Morning BJJ Training Giving You Trouble? These 3 Tips Will Help

Oh you poor soul – the only BJJ classes that you can make to are the early morning ones? Tough luck, but hey, we get it. You might be working all day or you might have college classes with a weird schedule that doesn’t let you study when you usually would; so you can’t get to the evening sessions… Or, perhaps you have regular work, but you also have a family – perhaps a newborn – so you need to and want to attend to them as soon as you get home. Thus, the morning classes end up being your only option.

But worry not. We’re here to help you get ready for them.



Look, chances are that you’ll be training with bloodshot eyes for the first couple of sessions. And that’s okay. Why? Because you haven’t trained like this before and your body probably isn’t used to this type of intense activity first thing in the morning.
However, even though you shouldn’t expect from yourself to be at 100% immediately off the bat, your goal should be to adapt over time; so that you’re ready to give your absolute best sooner rather than later.

The only way you’ll be able to do this is by making sure that your sleeping is in check. So, if you’re used to staying up until late into the night, this will have to change once your morning classes commence. And don’t think to yourself that you’ll be able to „push through“ the lack of sleep. We know that you’ve been watching Jocko and taking in his advice – but most people aren’t Jocko.
You need sleep. Surely you could push through a few nights and days without adequate zzzz’s, but all of that tiredness will add up. And when it adds up, you’ll burn out and/or get injured.

To prevent that burnout and injuries, as well as to feel fresh when those warmups begin, get at least 7 hours of sleep per night… But also try to get to bed at approximately the same time each night and to get up at the same time each morning. The first one you can fool around with; but the second one, your waking time, needs to stay as solid as concrete.
This’ll get your body used to getting up at a certain time – and so, it will feel fresher and fresher as the time goes on.



After getting your sleep in check, the best two things which will elevate your morning training sessions to the level they deserve to be at are – being ready and eating some quality carbs.

That is to say, you don’t want to pack your stuff in the morning. Honestly, nobody likes getting up in the morning and then – on top of wanting to sleep a bit more – to remember that they have to waste time on getting ready. So, pack your stuff the night before; this way you’ll feel more motivated in the morning, knowing that your stuff is ready for training. Plus, you’ll be able to sleep for a few minutes more.
And then, eat a breakfast made out of complex carbohydrates. They will provide you with the long-burning energy, required for prolonged periods of physical exhaustion you’ll go through.

Finally, be grateful! Yes, morning classes may not be fun; but you know very well that you’ll feel like a Superman after they’re done. And what better way is there to start your day other than with a few rolling sessions – your day is now for the taking!