Draculino: “A Lot Of People Think That They Know The Basics, But They Really Don’t”

Draculino: “A Lot Of People Think That They Know The Basics, But They Really Don’t”

How confident do you feel about your knowledge of the BJJ basics… Confident? Very confident? Extremely confident?
Well, Vinicius „Draculino“ Magalhães thinks that a lot of people overestimate their knowledge and understanding of Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals.

Here is what he had to share about the topic in an interview with BJJEE:

I am really big on getting down and mastering the fundamentals of BJJ. A lot of people think that they know the basics, but they really don’t.

If you have a really solid and complete foundation in Jiu Jitsu yourself, I think that you will be able to expose your students to everything.

If you give them the foundations first, then –  depending on their body type and physical abilities, as well as on their individual preferences – from there they can start developing their own specialties and a type of the game that they want to have.

Draculino emphasizes that he tries to expose his students to everything, so then they can branch out further later on:

Samuel Braga is a good example. He is a multiple time world champion, plus he’s the creator of the Berimbolo – since he has always been very flexible, he was able to develop this position from the De la Riva guard and it turned out to be very handy for him.

Then, Romulo Barral and his killer spider guard. Erik Wanderley, one of my first World Champions, he has a killer half guard and really, really good pressure…
I taught them everything they needed to know in order to have a solid foundation, from which they could, as I said, branch out and do their own thing.


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