Craig Jones Submitted a Sumo Wrestler

Craig Jones Submitted a Sumo Wrestler

BJJ superstar Craig Jones is currently in Japan where his B-Team competed in and won the latest Quintet, defeating 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in the Final.

After the event, he had the chance to go with his teammates to train some Sumo Wrestling.

Sumo is a Japanese style of wrestling and a Japanese national sport. It originated as a performance in ancient times, whose purpose was to entertain the so-called “Shinto deities“.
Today (and as it’s in line with the tradition), only men practice this sport professionally in Japan, where it’s quite popular.

However, not much is known nor understood about Sumo in the rest of the world. And that stands true even for experienced martial artists, such as Joe Rogan.
Joe spoke about how Sumo looks weird to him in a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode:

You’ve got to be big [for Sumo]. They eat so much – if you’ve ever watched how much Sumo wrestlers eat, oh my God. You just have to have mass.
In Japan, it’s a gigantic tradition. I mean, just the rich history of it… It’s a big deal over there.

Also, you’re wearing like this rope-diaper. And you hang onto someone’s underwear and throw them around by it. It’s a very strange sport.

Jones even submitted a Sumo wrestler:


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