Craig Jones Reveals The Worst Thing About Opening A BJJ Gym (For Him)

Craig Jones Reveals The Worst Thing About Opening A BJJ Gym (For Him)

Would you like to open your very own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym one day? If so, then you have to be aware that there are multiple things you’ll have to look out for.
One of them being rules and when (and how) to kick students out of the gym.

Craig Jones and Lachlan Giles discussed these two topics in a recent “El Segundo” podcast episode.
Lachlan shared his experience with students who don’t behave properly:

My experience in running a gym has been – usually, if someone messes up once and you give them a second chance…
You usually regret it.

Craig agreed with the statement and shared what he believes is the worst thing about opening a BJJ gym:

The worst part about opening the gym, for me, has been the realization that every single thing… That you think would be normal behavior…
Needs to be written down and put on a wall, in front of a whatever thing that happens.

Jones also explained how they go about kicking people out of B-Team:

I don’t do the kicking out… Sometimes it’s kind of, like, the “Survivor”.
We have 5 owners and we all take a vote on it (if to kick the person out)…

We pay someone to do that (to kick the person out).
I (can’t do it), I gotta be the good guy, maintain good relationships with the students, you know?