BJJ Advice: Define The Goal & You’ve Won Half The Battle

BJJ Advice: Define The Goal & You’ve Won Half The Battle

Okay, stop doing whatever you’re doing for a second. And think about your last training session.
Think: what were you trying to accomplish during your rolls? What was your goal?

If your answer is “I don’t know” or “I didn’t have a goal”, well… You’re not going to accomplish everything you could on the mats.
Why? Because it’s super important to define the goal. And then to work for it.

John Danaher explains why this is so vital:

When you know where you want to be – you’ll find ways to get there.
When you don’t know where you want to be, there isn’t a map or compass in the world that can help you.

So too in jiu jitsu.
Have a clear idea in your mind where you want to be at all times and you’ll navigate your way there eventually.

When you start adding technical nuance that can help you get there efficiently, so much the better – it’ll make your path much easier and more efficient – but knowing the goal is the most important thing since your innate creativity and ingenuity will eventually figure out a path.

Danaher also shares the two specific goals you should have:

Of all the goals in Jiu jitsu the highest is submission, but that’s too broad to be of much use in a match.
Better to think in terms of the back and the mount – at all times you should be thinking in terms of getting there from everywhere.

This simple insight can give direction to your game that’ll never let you down and ensure that you always grapple with a sense of direction.


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