Bernardo Faria Explains Why Purple Belt Is the Hardest Belt In BJJ

Bernardo Faria Explains Why Purple Belt Is the Hardest Belt In BJJ

Bernardo Faria has been busy opening his new academy lately but he’s taken the time to express his views on why purple belt is one of the landmark moments in every bjj practitioner’s career.

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“When you start as a white belt you’re very very excited and you work hard and you’re enjoying and you are learning new things and this and that… And then you get a blue belt and you’re very excited, you got your first belt and you’re starting to develop your game…

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… And then you get a purple belt. Purple belt is the middle, there’s white, blue, purple, brown and black. Purple is right in the middle so this is the toughest belt.

When you get a purple belt you still have a long way until you get a black belt and that’s the belt that many times you feel you are not learning enough. You feel like your jiu jitsu is stuck because as a blue belt you start to develop your game and then as a purple belt you feel stuck again. You feel like “oh man, i’m not improving in jiu jitsu any more”. That’s not true. You are improving. But it’s a mirror of your journey.

Many times you see people quitting jiu jitsu at purple belt because they’re not motivated. If you’re a competitor you go compete as a purple belt and the bracket’s still huge. There are a lot of people. “

Still Faria believes this is a time when you’re fooling yourself:

“Purple belt is that very competitive belt that’s like time that when you’re either gonna keep going and become a black belt or you’re gonna give up. “


To hear the entire excellent analysis of purple belt angst press play below:

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