Purple Belt Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

Purple Belt Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

written by Nick “Chewy” Albin of chewjitsu.net



What does it mean to be a BJJ Purple Belt? What should you focus on at this stage of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

This is a question I received in the comments and emails I got from a previous video I did about the BJJ Blue Belt.

The Difference Between Old School Black Belts & New School Purple Belts


In the previous video I talked about the transition from BJJ White Belt to Blue Belt and how I consider the Blue Belt the buffet belt. A chance to sample the technical buffet line.

As a Purple Belt I consider it the Prototype Belt. The point in BJJ where you begin to set the foundation, the prototype, for who you will eventually become.

I know in my own game. I can look back at my game as a Purple Belt and I can see that I had the guts of my eventual game.

Gordon Ryan: If I could Change One Thing I’d Allow All Subs From Purple Belt

As a Brown and Black Belt my game became much deeper. It’s sort of like the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re a Purple Belt in BJJ and you’re wondering what you’re supposed to focus on. Always, consult your coach. But if you would like a suggestion. I would tell you to attempt to specialize and really begin to own a part of the BJJ game.

Make it yours!

I hope this video is helpful!