Andrew Wiltse Explains How to Stop The Seat-Up Guard Retention

Andrew Wiltse Explains How to Stop The Seat-Up Guard Retention

So you’ve finally managed to somewhat break free of the opponent’s Spider Guard… And you’re going for the pass to Side Control. But to no avail: the opponent somehow manages to retain their guard and place you in the same – or worse – position as before.
How do they do this? And how are you supposed to stop it from happening again? Andrew Wiltse has a great answer to both of these questions.



Wiltse demonstrates that, in order to start passing the opponent’s Spider Guard in the first place, you’ve got to get rid of one side of their control. After you’ve managed to do this, you’re supposed to get rid of their other attachment; doing so by simply throwing that attachment (their leg) to the side.
It’s from this position that a lot of BJJ athletes go immediately for the pass to Side Control. However, what happens here is that their opponent stiff arms them – and, therefore, retains his/her guard.

To counter this, Wiltse has a simple solution: simply drive your shoulder into the opponent’s chest, while simultaneously dropping your far arm to the mats.
This makes it impossible for your opponent to stiff-arm their way out. Watch the video below and get more out of what Andrew Wiltse is demonstrating:

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