Andre Galvao Shares Valuable Life Lesson: “Surrender Or Continue?”

Andre Galvao Shares Valuable Life Lesson: “Surrender Or Continue?”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can teach us many valuable life lessons… One of them being to keep going.

Andre Galvao has learned that lesson well throughout his lengthy and extremely successful career as a BJJ competitor.
He was in a situation where he could’ve quit many times, but he refused to do so. Instead, he kept at it.

For instance, when he was preparing for the superfight against Gordon Ryan, he injured his knee:

I remember my camp, against Gordon’s fight, I busted my knee very badly…
My knee went out of place – PLAU! Then I put it back in place.

There were about thirty minutes left to finish the training. I finished training.

The guy were asking me to stop… “I will finish training, bro! It doesn’t matter, I’ll finish training.”

Andre understands that it’s difficult to carry oneself like that, but it’s necessary.
Especially because life situations can (and will) be like that. So, it’s vital to learn how to keep performing even with the pressure stacking up:

And so, it is difficult for an athlete to think like this.
It will come at the time of the fight, something will happen… And you will have to go all the way!

And in life, it’s like that too! Sport teaches us for life, right? When training, you overcome yourself.
And in life, it’s like that too; problems come and then… What are you going to do?

Problems come, difficulty hits you. What are you going to do?
Surrender or continue?


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