AJ Agazarm: “Earning Your Purple Belt Is Very Different Than The Other Colors”

AJ Agazarm: “Earning Your Purple Belt Is Very Different Than The Other Colors”

AJ Agazarm – a mixed martial arts fighter, former D1 wrestler, and a BJJ black belt – has recently promoted his younger brother to the rank of a Jiu-Jitsu purple belt.

And, according to Agazarm, earning the purple belt is very different from earning other belts in BJJ
Simply because of the sheer amount of theory comprehension and skill acquisition:

Aside from the substantial amount of time devoted on the mats, the perseverance to keep showing up after adversity, and your newly obtained ability to execute pins, holds, and locks under resistance, you also need something extremely special(and i’m not talking about showing up late to warmups).

That thing is comprehension of theory and your ability to execute it with resistance.

As a purple belt, you know the “why” and “how” behind a big number of techniques:

When you earn your purple belt, you have successfully demonstrated that you fully comprehend a wide range of different techniques in order to take someone down to the ground and you can either strangle them or be in a position that jeopardizes the integrity of their joint to the point of submission.

It is during this stage that you are actively applying/executing/ and imploring all of them in various scenarios.

Above everything else, though, Agazarm emphasizes that you should be testing your new belt:

Remember that the true value of your newly found comprehension requires testing, a lot of it.

So, go as far and as wide as physically possible. Explore the limitless variables you are being exposed to. Try new angles, tap regularly.

And get as many different looks as possible all the while staying true to the overarching theme of the gentle art: your ability to subdue anyone no matter their size with little to no damage to both you and the other person.


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