Ana Carolina Schmitt: “You Must Learn How To Deal With Defeat”

Ana Carolina Schmitt: “You Must Learn How To Deal With Defeat”

If you want to become successful in Jiu-Jitsu (or in anything in life, for that matter), you’ve got to realize that you will lose a lot.
Defeat will come your way.

That’s the fact. And the sooner you accept it, the better off you will be.
Ana Carolina Schmitt explains why:

You must learn how to deal with being defeated. How to deal with the losses and the bad days, with the suffering.

Of course, there are a lot of good things, but there will be a lot of painful things as well; and how Jiu-Jitsu teaches you to deal with this is priceless.

You have to look at the positive side of things when something bad happens. You should not complain, instead you should just try to look at the positive.

This is something that you’ll be able to use not just on the mats, but in your life as well:

Those are the lessons that you can bring with yourself and into your life.

You have to enjoy the process, not just the finish line. Train and be happy while you are training, just do your best every day – and the results will come.

In other words – accept and deal with defeat graciously, and keep training nevertheless!
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